Schedule + Registration


All classes are on a once a week basis with the exception of the postpartum class which will be twice a week.

TRX 55+ Class1x/week for 6 weeksMondays / 4:30-5:30 and 6-7pm$90 +GST
TRX Posture and Core1x/week for 6 weeksMondays / 7:30-8:30pm$90 +GST
TRX Total Body Burnout1x/week for 6 weeksThursdays / 6-7am$90 +GST
Yoga Neck and Shoulders 1x/week for 6 weeksThursdays / 6-7pm$90 +GST
Yoga Hips and Back1x/week for 6 weeksThursdays / 7:30-8:30pm$90 +GST
Yoga Burn for Posture & Core1x/week for 6 weeksWednesdays / 4:30-5:30pm$90 +GST
Yoga Total Body Flow1x/week for 6 weeksWednesdays / 6-7pm$90 +GST
Yoga Core Flow1x/week for 6 weeksTBD$90 +GST
Postpartum Class 2x/week for 6 weeksWednesdays / 7:30-8:30pm$165 +GST

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