Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping?

If you’ve ever seen someone who looks like they may have been attacked by an octopus, or Micheal Phelps back spots during the Olympics, they may have just come from treatment that involved cupping!

Cupping is a very safe modality that can be performed by any practitioner within a regulated health care practice. The practitioner will use a plastic, rubber or glass cup and a pump to create a vacuum underneath, causing skin to rise. The blood vessels will expand creating a massage effect. The sites for cupping are selected by determining the muscles that are involved in your injury. Either the muscles causing your symptoms or the muscles guarding your injury will be targeted. The cups will stay on your muscles for several minutes at a time. The patient will either be instructed to relax, move certain muscles or allow the practitioner to move muscles during the application of the cups.

How Does it Work?

Cupping will draw blood to the area. This enhanced blood flow will continue to draw impurities and toxins away from the injured muscle for elimination after application. This will improve pain and inflammation that is stemming from the underlying muscle. This treatment will also excite small nerves inside your muscles as well which release chemicals to decrease your pain. These beneficial results will sometimes leave the circular bruises that were mentioned earlier as a sign to show that blood was brought to the area to be eliminated. Everybody is different in how their skin bruises, but these won’t be painful to the touch and usually last around 4-6 days.

Cupping Therapy is another tool that we at Dynamic like to incorporate into treatments where we see fit, after a thorough assessment to provide the best care possible.

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