The most scientifically validated cognitive training tool in sports.

Sports specialists know that achieving success isn’t all physical–it’s mental too. To boost athletic performance, training the brain is as important as lifting weights, improving cardiovascular endurance or practicing technique.

What is NeuroTracker?

NeuroTracker is a 3D, perceptual-cognitive training system that improves on-field performance for athletes of all levels. The software enhances critical abilities that include:

  • Decision-making speed
  • Situational awareness
  • Visual processing bandwidth
  • Sustained concentration

How NeuroTracker improves athlete performance

  • Make better decisions under pressure
  • Anticipate game-flow more rapidly
  • Spot scoring opportunities earlier
  • Maintain focus for longer

NeuroTracker Benefits

Profiling Talent

NeuroTracker is a sensitive cognitive measure that has been linked to elite performance. By testing athletes on NeuroTracker, coaches and scouts gain valuable insight into the mental capabilities of each player.

Enhancing Performance

NeuroTracker efficiently improves a player’s awareness and focus. Through short, 6-minute training sessions, athletes will gain an improved ability to anticipate complex scenes, read and respond to the evolution of play and deal with unpredictability more effectively.

Fast-Track Return to Play

Following an injury, players can struggle to regain their form and adapt to the speed of play. As a non-invasive exercise, NeuroTracker allows athletes to train throughout the recovery period in order to return to the lineup fully prepared.

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