Spinal traction / Decompression

Andrea Whitehead Techniques

Spinal Traction is a continuous force being applied along the long axis of your spine, in an attempt to elongate your spine and relieve pressure. Spinal Traction relieves pressure by increasing the space between the vertebrae which allows higher rates of blood flow through the muscles surrounding the vertebrae. Gravity is always pulling your spine together in a compressed direction. By applying traction, we are pulling the spine in the opposite direction to provide relief to the spinal segments. Traction can be applied manually or mechanically both techniques are beneficial for spine care.

Manual Traction:

During manual traction, a practitioner uses their hands to put people in a state of traction. They then use manual force on your joints and muscles to increase the space between your vertebrae.

Mechanical Traction:

Mechanical traction requires a specialized treatment table and tool to stretch your spine. A trained practitioner will attach a series of straps around your body and adjust the table to relieve pressure off your spine.

The advantage of spinal traction is that it’s a non-surgical way to relieve pain and correct problems in the spine.  Spinal traction often results in pain relief, decompressed joints and proper spinal alignment as it stretches and releases tension to the muscles and bones in the back to combat gravities effect on your spine. Spinal Traction could significantly improve the way you move and feel throughout your everyday tasks.