Stretching and strengthening programs

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Strengthening and stretching programs are created for each individual patient at our clinic. Our goal is to assist in relieving your pain and equip you with tools and knowledge to help prevent future injuries. Education is the first and most important component of your home exercises program, we believe understanding why you are stretching and strengthening your muscles is a key component in the recovery process. Next, our practitioners will work with you to develop a home exercise program that help you train around injuries and improve areas of weakness and vulnerability. Our practitioners are skilled in creating a highly effective workouts, injury prevention and treatment plans for every type of patient.

Why Stretching?

Stretching is important as it keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Increasing muscle flexibility helps maintain joint range of motion and can contribute to a decrease in injuries, increase in coordination and balance. Stretching can also improve your circulation. While stretching you are increasing blood flow (nourishment) to your muscles, aiding in the removal of waste in the tissue, which can minimize aches, pain and discomfort.

Why Strengthening?

Strengthening programs are important in the recovery process to prevent from further injury and prevent from reinjury. A well-designed program from our highly trained practitioners will strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, which will lead to a quicker recovery and fewer future injuries.  An effective strengthening program can increase flexibility and muscle deficits as well as improve both performance and balance. Strengthening though weight bearing exercises can help prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. The stronger your bones the stronger your musculoskeletal system which will allow you to exercise safely and avoid injuries.